Nancy, a superhero duo from New York

Nancy T-shirt

It sounds like rock ‘n’ roll. No, wait! It sounds like something more catchy than rock ‘n’ roll. No, wait! At the very end I don’t know how to label Nancy, but what I know for sure it’s that they are great! Nancy is a superheroe duo from New York and I’d like to have the chanche to see them live again. Please, come again to Italy or, at least, to Europe!

Where I bought this tshirt

Ligera, Milan (Italy) in 2015. I remember that night as a tight night. Probably, when I went back home I barely knew my name. Hey, who drove me back??

Favourite song

It’s hard to choose only a song. When I’m stuck at work I am able to listen their latest record for hours (and, of course, I feel better!). Since I have to make a choice, I choose “I want you bad” (that I discovered to be a cover, but it’s amazing as well). Here a live video made by one of my friends, that time we saw them in Rotterdam!

Where do I find Nancy



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