Against Me!

Againt Me T-shirt

It’s Monday and obviously I hate Monday, so what can I do to help my mood? Listen to Against Me for sure! I discovered this band some years ago, when I first heard “Thrash Unreal” in a MySpace profile… and I fell in love. I saw them twice last year and it has been the best time of my life. Love their folk influences, their energy on stage, and all of their records.

Where I bought this tshirt

I ordered this on kingsroadmerch with the earnings from my first job, luckily it was the first time of my life where a tshirt of my size was avaible on sales.

Favourite song

I can’t really choose a favourite song, so I choose a song that I’d recommend if you never listened to Against Me!. Moreover once I cried under the stage while they were performing it (as I said, it was the first song I heard of them)

Where do I find Against Me!

In my heart
Against Me!


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