Midrake t-shirt

It’s Tuesday, it’s my day off. I’m happy and Midrake is one the bands
that usually puts a big smile on my face, both live and on record.

I heard of them for the first time while listening to the Monster Zero
sampler in my bf’s van. Then I had the chance to see them live in Milan.
I got drunk and invited them to have lunch at my sister’s the day after
in Forlì since they were playing there. Then I forgot to call them.
Sorry guys, next time.

Where I bought this t-shirt

Stole it from my bf. I actually bought all the other stuff they had in Milan (cd, vinyl, shopper)

Favourite Midrake song

“Hoverboards and guitars”, it gives me a nice taste of summer in my ears.

Where do I find Midrake

At the bar. Or at the bingo.


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