Seditius t-shirt

Friends, brothers, partners in crime. I could use so many words to describe these fellas. But mostly they are “buci”. Knowing them personally gives me the chance to know how much passion and dedition they put in whatever they do as a band. Seditius have been around for ten years, touring pretty much everywhere in Europe and, appropriately enough, this is their 10th anniversary t-shirt, the “Gipsy Queen” designed by Anna P.

Where I bought this t-shirt

I really don’t remember. Whenever I see Seditius live, I’m always drunk. Probably they gave it to me for free or something.

Favourite song

“A turning point in my intifada”. Headbanging like there’s no tomorrow.

Where do I find Seditius

Rehearsal room. Honky Tonky. Vegan squats.


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