La Piovra

La Piovra t-shirt

It was supposed to happen sooner or later. This is a nostalgic post, full of saudade and backinthedays mood. La Piovra are a dead band by now, but I keep on listening to their records. Their mix of punk, hardcore, surfcore and rock and roll is unique. And, like everyone else, I like to remember the old good times when I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. No wait, I’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain even now. I’m a neverending adolescent. For people who don’t know La Piovra, they were an italian punk band from Venice, born from the ashes of L’amico di Martucci and Ohuzaru.

Where I bought this t-shirt

Not so sure (too many years have passed). Maybe in 2007 at Atlantide in Bologna. That night, in my way back to Milano, the engine of my car conked out and the whole cabin smelled like burned bread. The morning after I had to call my dad to save me, like the most unable of princesses.

Favourite song

Well, my favourite song is “L’ultima sigaretta” from One sided 12’’ EP. This EP is so short that I suggest you to listen to all of it!

Where do I find La piovra

Well, since they have disbanded… Check out their bandcamp page!


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