Deaf Lingo


Some months ago I was, surprisingly enough, at Honky Tonky. Deaf Lingo were playing their first show (they actually planned to quit after that one). Halfway to the end of the set I came out with these words: “This could potentially be my favourite band”. Luckily enough, they kept on playing shows after that. A few weeks ago I took a picture with their shirt. It was a little bit too stretched and the “Lingo” part disappeared. That’s when I started thinking about this Titsforpunk thing.
Where I got the t-shirt
I found out they printed a few of them and started stalking my friend Sandro(vocals+guitar) to have one. Mission accomplished!

My favourite song
“Getaway”. But “Red Led” is cool as well.

Where do you find Deaf Lingo
Cantine Sbuccia or Esselunga.


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