Black Flag

Black Flag titsforpunk

I was a teenager, I had no money, I used to wear clothes my mum hated (even now, actually), I was discovering a new world, I was building my own personality and… Someone gave me a Black Flag mixtapes. I put it on and I thought “What the hell I listened to till now? Lullabies?”. When I listened to Black Flag for the first time my punk bandography was very slim: they had the power to drive me towards new bands, new sounds, towards what I am today. Thank you Black Flag for play the way you play! I don’t want to know where I could be now without you and your music.

Where I got this t-shirt
I bought this t-shirt in New York in 2011 (my first trip in USA), probably in a record shop called Generation Records.

Favourite song
Well, I love many Black Flag songs. Maybe the one I am closer is Rise Above. It is my against song, and that’s enough.

Where do I find Black Flag?
On tour, with the name of “Flag”
On history books


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