Trash Talk

trash talk tshirt

The first time I saw Trash Talk live on a stage I didn’t know who they were. And one song was enough for never forget their name. I was totally gobsmacked by their music: it was 2011, I was in New York to see OFF! and Trash Talk were playing the same night on the same stage. And, at the end, I completely fell in love with them.
Their show was astonishing, like a loud slap in your face when you’re sleeping. If you have the chance to see them live, don’t miss any of their shows: the stage will be on fire!

Where I got this t-shirt
I bought t-shirt one year later, in 2012 at Magnolia in Milan (Italy).

Favourite song
Well, I’ll choose a song from the record I listened to when I┬ádiscovered Trash Talk. It’s “Explode” from “Eyes & Nines”

Where do I find Trash Talk
In the pit


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