impossibiliOnce I said: “There are two kind of people in the world: those who listen to Impossibili, and those who don’t”. Obviously, I’m in the first category! There was a time when my best friend’s mom used to take us at every punk rock show around cause we were too young to drive, well, every time Impossibili was the soundtrack of the way toward the shows. As you can imagine that poor woman was forced to cope with our Impossibili singalong. I’m so glad she didn’t kill us!

After all these singalongs, finally I managed to see them only last year, near Vicenza, and it was a blast from the past.

If you don’t know Impossibili, make up for lost time and listen to them immediately.

Where I got this t-shirt
I bought it last year, the first time I saw them live, at their show near Vicenza.

Favourite song
You have no idea of how much this is a difficult choice to make. If I have to choose one, then it is “Sul Sedile Con Te”!

Where do I find Impossibili
Deep down in my heart


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