I Like Allie


Summer’s almost over and we’re all feeling a little nostalgic about the sun, seasides and relax. What could be better than amplifying this state of minds with some nice emo?

I Like Allie started as a solo acoustic project; it evolved in something electrical and electrifying in the last months. Something we were all honestly waiting for. I like them because they are great musicians coming from different scenes, have shitloads of different influences but still have that homecoming party mood and attitude that makes them so close to the audience they’re playing for. You’d totally want to learn the lyrics by heart in order to singalong with them.

Where I got this t-shirt

I bought it in Milan, at Circolo Magnolia, when they were supporting Anti-Flag. I liked them so much I bought two of them.

Favourite song

“Nemesi”. What the hell happened to Dean and Cindy?

Where do I find I Like Allie?






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