Low Dérive


I was searching for something great to write about Low Dérive but, instead of filling papers and papers with enthusiastic and passionate words, I’m staring at my computer monitor with a totally empty mind. I was wondering: why I find so difficult to write about a band I know so well and I care about so much? The answer is simple and clear. I’m way too close to Low Dérive: one of them was my flatmate, I followed them to Fest 13 in 2014 and seeing their Fest show was a blast, a very superintense moment for me.

That’s why, in the beginning, i didn’t find the right words to talk about Low Dérive: there’s any distance beetween me and them.

I might be biased at your eyes, but I assure you that Low Dérive are a great band. Supercool to see live, with their wooo-oooo singalongs, with their confidence on stage and, of course, their smiles: you can perceive they are enjoying themselves by playing their songs.

Where I got this t-shirt
As I said before, I’m close to Low Dérive but I got this t-shirt very far from home: I was in Gainesville for Fest 13. I was feeling super enthusiastic after their show at Loosey’s, my mind was full of punkrock and my body of margaritas. One of the best days of my life!


Favourite Song
Well, I love many Low Dèrive song but I choose “The Elephant in the room, is dead” because it’s also a song with a cool video!

Where do I find Low Dérive
In the basement


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