The Copyrights

The copyrights

Well, well, well, are you strong enough? To tell the truth… Non really. As a matter of fact, today I’m off from work. I didn’t call in dead, but my blood pressure was the same of a zombie. So, I was searching for something different from Polase (for those who don’t know, Polase is a supplement of mineral salts) to reinvigorate my body and soul, something able to make me get out from my bed for, at least, wash my teeth. And The Copyrights made the miracle! I’m listening to “Make sound” and I’m even writing a post: my strategy is working.

And it’s working for a reason. They’re perfect for every situation: for a long road trip, for a boring day at the office and also when you require extra energy to go through your day. And they’re even better to see live! You will sing along with them, you’ll point your fingers to the stage and you’ll sweat every toxin is causing your bad mood.
And wheh, at the end of the show, you’ll scream the classic “one more song”, you will not want just one song, but an entire show in loop, all night long.

Where I got this t-shirt
I was in Gainesville for Fest 14 and The Copyrights were playing at Cowboys. The place was not so crowded as I expected to be, but it has been a great show! I got this t-shirt right after the show: I was so sweat that I needed another tee to avoid the classic fest flu (It’s terrible, I got it the year before and I was sure to have Ebola).

Favourite Song
How can I choose only one song? What if I choose the song makes me get out from my bed today?

Where do I find Copyrights
Deep in my heart


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