The Chromosomes – Pure Surf


Summer is almost over, it’ s a rainy day and my state of mind is as gloomy as the weather outside the window. But Chromosomes know how to cheer up my mood! The mix between their surf philosophy and thier catchy songs is perfect to cure my meteoropathic personality.

I heard about Chromosomes for the fist time two years ago, more or less. They were playing at Arci Camalli in Imperia, a city where I used to live at that time. Their show was overwhelming and passionate, like every punkrock show should be! I also had the pleasure to talk with them and I loved the passion they put in their music.
After this show, they returned to Imperia for a second time and, for this particular occasion, I invited them to come to my place where we shoot an “acoustic folk session”, that sadly has been lost… what a pity! However we had a great time that day: I also introduced them to my chinchillas and everyone was happy. Me, the Chromosomes and my chinchillas, of course.

If you want to spend a lovely night and see a crushing punk rock show, my advice is to see Chromosomes live as soon as you can. For example, tonight they are playing in their motherland Livorno!

Where I got this t-shirt
At Arci Camalli in Imperia, the first time I saw them. Then, with my poor sewing techniques, I made it a crop top.

Favourite Song
In these days their split with Teenage Gluesniffers came out, with brand new songs. but I’m a nostalgic person and, for this reason, I go with “My miss June”, in memory of that time they played it with a banjo at my former place.

Where do I find the Chromosomes

At the Surfer Joe in Livorno tonight


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