Guest tits of the week – Bravi Tutti


They are smart but weirdos too. They are simple but brilliant. I know is strange to say, but I think their music is colorful. Every show of Bravi Tutti is a cannot be missed one, a funny and cheerful experience I always share with my friend Andre. In a nutshell, they are pure fun and estrangement from reality.

My addiction has begun a year and a half ago and my devotion to Bravi Tutti will last forever: I’d follow them between mountains and seas, countries that don’t exist and those in which we live. Bravi Tutti, I love you!

Where I got this t-shirt
I bought this t-shirt at Baciccia, in Piacenza. “Bello da dio, pieno di figa”: this is a short piece of one of their song, an ironic song that can bring you to delirium!

Favourite song
This is the most difficult question in the world. It took a lot of soul searching, but now I have the answer: it’s Massone!

Where do I find Bravi tutti



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