The Apers


When you are stuck at work, when you are living the nightmare of endless weekdays, when you are waiting for your deserved weekend but it’s only wednesday, when you had a blood test in the morning and at noon you are laying on your desk looking for some kind of energy, when you keep on singing “always hate work”, well, you know it’s time for The Apers t-shirt.

If there was a school of fun and party, the Apers would be the dean of students, and their records would be the textbook on where we all should learn the most exciting celebration tecniques we always dreamt about.

So, if you are searching for something fun and easygoing you can’t miss any of The Apers shows.
Easy peasy, just like The Apers!

Where I got this t-shirt
I have to admit it. I stole this t-shirt from my boyfriend closet. I don’t have any Apers tee, but I’d like to have one! However, I don’t want to neglect the good traditions of this blog, so I asked my boyfriend where he got it but, in the very┬ámoment I made the question, I knew the answer: he can’t recall! Sure it was an Apers show, but which one? Maybe too drunk to remember?

Favourite song
And the winner is… “To the bar for cocktails”! This songs reminds me of all the good times spent during Fest 14 last year with my friends: “to the bar for cocktails” has been the soundtrack of our Florida (and margaritas) trip.

Where do I find The Apers


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