Not so long ago, I saw in Milan what I think has been the best show of my life until now: Nobunny!

I discovered him a couple of years ago, when I listened to “I Am A Girlfriend”. His masked character intrigued me so much that I wanted to dive into his entire discography a second later. After that I listened to “Love Visions” and that has been the very moment I found myseft totally overwhelmed: I got impressed by the way he rearranged classical melodies, I loved the distorted sound that, mixed with his scratching voice, flowed into my beloved amazing garage punk. I felt like he sent me back to the time when punk began.

I’m not a home-loving church-going girl, I saw things in my life, but now I think that probably the only terrific and sick show my punkrocker life was missing was a Nobunny one. I drove 200 miles to see him, and what I had has been sticky hair and a pounding heart. The show was just like I wanted it to be: powerful, distorted, bold, captivating, pantsless. I sang till I lost my voice and sweated all the 200 beers I drunk that night… And he spit on his own dick too!

If I could, I’d hire Nobunny to play in my bedroom every night (maybe without the spitting part).

Where I got this t-shirt
Actually this is a borrowed t-shirt, but I’m paving the way to make it mine.

Favourite song
Hard choice. I’d put “Love Visions” full album, but since I have to choose just one song, then I take “I Am A Girlfriend”: my love at fist “sight”.

Where do I find Nobunny


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