rvivr tshirt

RVIVR. I never know how to pronounce correctly the name of this terrific band, but despite this pronunciation issue, what I know for sure is that they will never disappoint me. They incarnate what a punk band should be: fast and passionate music with attitude. When I think about punkrock, especially, nowadays, I often see a “Fashion before passion” thing, as H20 would say.

What happened to the passion?
What happened to the reason for screaming?
What happened to the music and the message that I love?

Well, I think RVIVR never forgot this lesson. If you listen to their records or if you see them live you can feel the whole unique energy you fall in love with when you listened to something punk the very first time. Unity, brotherhood, fun, social commitment, passionate words and amazing sound: this is what RVIVR are.

Where I got this t-shirt
I got this t-shirt in 2014 at fest 13, right after their show at Bo Diddley Plaza venue. Open air gig ar not really my favourite kind of show, but RVIVR were amazing as well. Right after their show, it was Iron Chic time and there is a particular image that is still impressed in my mind. Iron Chic were playing “Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow?” and, at the side of the stage, I could see Erica Freas (RVIVR singer and guitarist) sing and dance with a huge smile on her face like everyone else Iron Chic fan. ‘Cause punkrock is this: support, unity and passion. Thanks RVIVR for always remind me why I love punkrock so much (even when you are spectators just like me!)

Favourite song
This is a really hard choice for me: I think that “The beauty between” is a real masterpiece so I will choose a song from this record. Enjoy!

Where do I find RIVIR


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