X Ray Spex


It’s because I feel my age, maybe. Or probably it’s because I’m a nostalgic kind of person. Or perhaps it’s because I think I am what I am because of the choices I made in my past. But, here we are again with another back in the days t-shirt!

Let’s go throwback my sixteen: I didn’t have any cousin or friend who used to like the kind of music I was discovering those days. Nobody that was able to suggest me which band I should have to listen to. Yes, I was a loser. But my parents introduced me to a big friend: the internet connection, an old fashioned 56k! It was like an ocean of suggestions, and thanks to the internet I discovered X-Ray Spex. I remember I was searching for a punk band with some women in it because I was very disappointed that the female participation at the punk scene was so small. Yes, I listened to The Runaways, I loved them and I was a Cherry Bomb too but… Were they the only one? Not at all!

With X-Ray Spex was love at first sight: they sounded different from all the other bands I knew at that time. Yes, at the beginning they were a little bit annoying because of the acute voice of the singer: but it was like when you can’t stand something at the very first moment by becoming totally dependent on it a minute later. The same mechanism worked also for my addiction to cigarettes, maybe (I’m trying to quit!). Well, what I know is that I never stopped to listen to X-Ray Spex. They are my far bosom buddies, one of my roots.

Where I got this t-shirt
Well, I bought this t-shirt on the internet. I was lying on my couch, I was sad and inconsolable because of PMS, I was hating the entire world and I didn’t have chocolate at home. So I bought this t-shirt to feel a little bit better. And it worked. For five minutes.

Favourite song
I know by heart every word of their songs, so it’s impossible to me to make a choice. That’s why I’ll pick up the first X-Ray Spex song I ever listened to: Oh bondage! Up yours!

Where do I find X-Ray Spex


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