Guest tits of the week – TWISTER


I bumped on Twister more less one year ago by chance. By that time I had decided to give my very imperfect Italian listening and speaking skills a boost, so I was looking for punk rock Italian bands singing in their native language. Yep, I know, Twister just don’t fit in this description but what can I say?? They just tied me up in knots!! 😛 I was so immediately in love with them that I decided I’d manage to go to Italy and see them live. Unfortunately, this never happened so far, but that goal is the first on my list for 2017 (along with attending the Mondo Bizarro Fest) !!

For the moment, I keep on plunging almost everyday in the source of energy and carefreeness their music represents to me. They play the immediate, fast, tasty, extra melodic and happy-go-lucky kind of stuff that turns my psychosomatic state upside-down in the most positive way. And there’s something about Marco’s voice that I adore but lack the words to explain.

Where I got this t-shirt
This amazing t-shirt was a present from Marco. I got to know him at Punk Rock Raduno last summer. A couple of months after that meeting I suddenly realised that the chance of attending one of their gigs would have to wait a great deal longer than I expected, so I decided to write him in order to grab a t-shirt and a copy of the We’ll be ok 12” before they’d vanished. He told me there wasn’t any new t-shirt left, but that he still had one of the old ones, a boy’s fit S for the record, and that he would send it to me as a present (and I have to point out that Emiliano was also pretty helpful during all the sending process stuff, which was not so easy because I was attending a conference out of my town when it arrived, so we had to change address and the package was finally delivered to my room at the university, just crazy!!). Anyway, that made me immensely happy, but the excitement multiplied when I got to see the shirt.

It’s my very fav at the moment: Wearing it makes me feel everything will be ok <3.

Favourite song
I wish I could choose at least one fav song of each of their releases, but as this is not the case, I go for Mexico, which means an on-the-spot smile on my face.

Where do I find Twister


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