Tim Barry

tim barry tshirt

This is one of those days. The kind of day you have to breathe slow and let ‘em pass, as Tim Barry would say. And when everything bothers you, when everything seems to go wrong, you know for sure that Tim Barry is exactly the man you have to listen to.

Because in his song you can always find the answers to your troubles, the right comfort to your bad mood and the words you need to react (or you need to cry, too). Tim Barry holds a special place in my heart: one of my closest friends introduced me to his music, long time ago. And if I listen to Tim Barry songs I can live again all the most important moments to me, those I don’t want to forget. The bad days but also the perfect ones, when you are on the road, alone or with you friends, no matter where you are going, the landscape flows outside the window and you know that everything you need is with you.

And what I could say about Tim Barry’s shows? They are not simple shows, it’s always an astonishing experience. You find yourself totally impressed and fascinated by every of his words. It is something you cannot describe by words: it’s a life lesson.

Where I got this t-shirt
I got it in Tampa, during Pre-Fest 2. Tim Barry was playing at Crowbar and I attended to his show alone (shame on my friends!): but, luckily, you are never alone during a Tim Barry show ^_^

Favourite song
As always, hard choice! But, this time, I will choose a very inspiring song for me: church of level track. Enjoy!

Where do I find Tim Barry



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