Roger Harvey

A couple of weeks ago I’ve been in Munich to see one of my favorite band live: The Menzingers, supporting The Bouncing Souls’ European Tour. The place was cool, the bands were cool and merch was pretty cool too. It cost me something like 60 euros (fuckin’ hell!) but I was the happiest person in town that night!

The opening band was a solo acoustic project from Roger Harvey. I’ve never heard about that guy, except that he opened Against Me! last time that they played in Milan. The show started pretty early, but luckily I had the chance to gave him a closer listening and it was definitely worth it. Having him playing alone on stage, with low lights, was such a magical atmosphere, I felt like I was hypnotized by his music! I love acoustic shows!

Where I got this t-shirt
At the gig that night. It was Roger himself who sold me his tee. I needed a clean and dry tee because mine was completely sweaty and the merch that I bought was at the wardrobe, so I got this bat-tee that became immediately one of my favorite!

Favorite song

Where do I find Roger Harvey


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