The Dollyrots

the dollyrots tshirt

I’m not really into pop punk, but when I attended my first (and only one) Dollyrots show I really enjoyed my time. It was 2015 and I was in Gainesville for Fest 14. I was living that particular moment every fester goes through: the brief moment when your schedule is empty, the perfect time to discover bands you never heard about! So, here I am at Palomino with a PBR in my right hand, pointing finger with the left one!

The Dollyrots are from Los Angeles and play a fast and easygoing punk. They are an energic band to see live and, I have to admit it, I am addicted to their Instagram feed: the bass player (singer too) and the guitarist are a couple, they’re awesome and their little son too!

The Dollyrots are going to release their 6th studio album. We have to wait about three months for this new record, but Dollyrots have not left us high and dry: they just released an acoustic version of “Nothing With You”, one of my Descendents favourite song (I’ve also a tattoo about this song!): it’s amazing, I suggest to give a listen.

Where I got this T-shirt
At Palomino in Gainesville, during Fest 14. I also bought this super cute keychain: now I can remember every day that I am awesome. Thanks, Dollyrots!

the dollyrots kaychain

Favourite Song
“Get weird” from “Barefoot and pregnant”

Where do I find The Dollyrots


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