Gooch Palms


Lately, my life has been all work, stress, university, complaining and other boring stuff… but also good news! In fact, my favourite Aussie punk sweethearts are coming to town, literally my town! You have to know that I live in the typical town where nothing happens, ever. So imagine my happiness when I discovered Gooch Palms are playing in a club I can get with my bike!

There are tons of words worth to describe this duo: they’re funny, they’re energic, weird, bizarre, colourful, they are “shit-pop” as they usually say. I watched their live videos on youtube for months: taking part to one of their exhibitions was a dream to me, and now I find myself counting the days to their first Italian show. Plus, I’m thinking of following them through all the Italian tour dates.

In the meantime, I’m literally consuming their “Introverted Extrovers” album. Can I give you an advice? Take a moment for your self-improvement and have a listen to this record: no matter what is your favourite band, or genre, you definitely will like what this duo is doing. “Introverted Extroverts” closes with a song: “Wasting No Time.” No time will be wasted listening to this. I Promise.

Where I got this T-shirt

This t-shirt, drew by the super talented Ben Lyon, comes from the Surfin’ Ki Records store, where you can also find their “Introverted Extroverts” LP!

Favourite Song
“Tiny Insight”, because it is the first Gooch Palms song I listened to and… It was love at first “sight”!

Where do I find Gooch Palms
On tour!
Official website


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