nerorgasmo tshirt
It is that time of the month. I have PMS, I’m full of sadness, I am so grumpy and frayed that I’m getting irritated by my own deep inner being.

By the way, this is just one of the many reasons why I’m listening to Nerorgasmo in these days. The other reasons? Well, Nerorgasmo are one of my favorite bands ever, they are my roots, they are probably one of the causes of the thick blanket of nihilism that always surrounds my own person.

I always liked their gloomy sound, and I still love with all my heart the lyrics of their songs. I think Nerorgasmo were the first band that made me seriously think about our society, and about what society wants from us. I’m not even able to explain what this band means to me. I was just sixteen and Nerorgasmo made a revolution in my mind: I was not alone, there was someone else who felt ill at ease and totally uncomfortable, just like me in those days.

I have tons of stories about Nerorgasmo and I could write hours, but I’m sure I will probably bother you. So, if you are interested and wanna know more, you just have to write me!

Where I got this t-shirt
Well, some months ago I was listening to Nerorgasmo and I realized that, although they are one of my beloved bands, I didn’t have any t-shirt. Guess what I did? Simple, I depleted my paypal account!

Favourite song
I’m being too obvious maybe, but I love “Passione nera” with all my heart. So, Enjoy!

Where do I find Nerorgasmo


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