The Bat Bites

the bat bites tshirt

God damn it, last weekend I missed the very last (are we suuuuuure?) Bat Bites italian show 🙁
I feel like I’ve known this band since its beginning so it’s hard not to be too sentimental about this breakup.
I mean.. the first time I saw them live was at the Crossbonefest in 2012 but their song “I hope you feel the same” was already very famous in the pop punk/Apers scene!!
At that time their bat superpowers weren’t developed yet but they were already pretty fun!
In 2014 they released their self-titled album and from baby creatures of the night they turned into real bat-musician, with the cloak, the mask and a super cool and catchy sound.
They will play the last 2 bat-shows ever in the next few weeks so I hope you get the chance to see them live.

Where I got this T-shirt
I got this t-shirt at their release party in Rotterdam.
It was also my 24th birthday so they actually gave it to me.
Best birthday ever 😀

Favorite Song

Where do I find The Bat Bites


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