Teenage Gluesniffers


It was a random Thursday night. I just came from a birthday party and I decided to go, guess where, at Honky Tonky, since I knew that a friend of mine, Masu, was playing with his new band: Teenage Gluesniffers. Unfortunately, or maybe luckily, I only came there for the last song, a cover song from one of my favourite band, No Use For A Name. That was the first of the several times that I saw them live since that night I met my lovely boyfriend, who was, coincidentally enough, the drummer of the band and, most of all, was wearing a Menzingers t-shirt. So, two of my favourite bands on the same night was enough to check out their show dates and, of course, to start dating him. Whooo hoo hoo! I like them because they play the kind of punk rock I like, singing sadness and misery in a catchy way; the drummer always plays without any t-shirt on and I find it quite annoying and mainstream ;).

Where I got this t-shirt

It was the first night I slept at my boyfriend’s place and since it wasn’t planned I didn’t bring any clean clothes to change so he gave me this t-shirt. He wanted me to dress up properly after saying that he never had a hotter thing in his bed before. Maybe my clothes were too revealing and he’s from Southern Italy, hahaha.

Favourite song

Favourite intro ever!

Where do I find TGS?




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