marnero tshirt
I believe that, when people discover I listen to punk, they often think: “what? She’s is a grown-up, she has a stable job, she looks fine. Why is she still listening to that crap music”? Well, my dear friends, you are losing a lot of poetry keeping out punk music from your life.

And, to prove this statement, I need just one word: Marnero. They are from Bologna (Italy), their sound is hard and gloomy and their songs can float away your mind and led your thoughts astray.

You cannot listen just to one song of Marnero, you have to listen┬áto the entire record (or, even better, to the entire “Trilogia della Malora”), following the tracklist: it’s like a trip towards a land you still doesn’t know. The journey can be difficult and you may find everything distressing, scary and uncomfortable but, at the end of the road, you will go through an epiphany. And it will be beautiful and painful at the same time.

I’m just talking nonsense maybe, but this is what I feel every time I listen to Marnero. This is a very highly recommended band.

In testa il tormento, in pancia il dolore

Because, when I listen to Marnero I dress up with all my nihilism and I let the music carry me towards the land of my beloved sturm und drang. And here I am, like an injured animal that is licking its wounds, feeling relief but also pain.

Where I got this t-shirt
Well, I’ve known Marnero from years, but I bought this t-shirt just last week during Mobfest, at csa Baraonda in Milan.

Favourite song
Some lines ago I said that you can not listen just to one Marnero song, you have to listen to the entire record. This is the reason why I choose “Come se non ci fosse un domani”, the first song you find in “Il sopravvissuto”.

Where do I find Marnero
On tour!


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