Female Troubles


It happened, more or less, a month ago: I was at Surfer Joe in Livorno to see a show of a band I knew only by name: The Female Troubles. And, I swear, it was love at first sight. This is something that really hasn’t happened often in my punk rocker life.

The Female Troubles are an Italian trio that plays a fast, energetic and scratchy punk ‘n’ roll: those guys know how to play the game! When their show was begun I remember I thought: “OMG! They’re gonna be my favourite band very soon”.

That night the audience was small. We were just in four to see them and I experienced a contrasting feeling: I was happy because I felt like it was an intimate private show for the few, but I was also unhappy because the band surely deserved a large crowd to sing along with them.

However, they didn’t miss a beat, and we made such a noise like we were one hundred people at least. They also have been very nice with us, always smiling and driving us to do even more mess. When there were just four songs left, they dedicated one to each one of us: mine was “Crush on you” if I remember well. Finished the show, all I wanted was… start over again and again!

What are you waiting for? Search for one of their live gig and go! Because if you want to see a great and super funny Punk’n’Roll band, a Female Troubles show is a place to be. You won’t be disappointed.

Where I got this t-shirt
The night I saw them for the first time, after their show at Surfer Joe in Livorno.

Favourite songI was searching for “Crush on you”, my favourite one, but it’s impossible to find! So I’ll go with “That’s I wanna be”!

Where do I find Female Troubles


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