volkov thsirt

I saw them being born, I detected their presence from afar, even before they had a name. I learnt to love them because, even if I know they were real, at first place I had no evidence of their concrete presence. No, I’m not talking about my not existing babies, I’m not crazy yet: it was the only way I knew to introduce Volkov.

It’s no easy for me to talk about this band because the drummer is my boyfriend and all Volkov are my friends. You know, I’m in an awkward position: I’m like a spy, I could reveal all their dirtiest secrets, all conversations I listened to, all the gossip I’m aware of, from being so close to them.

I’m a good friend and an amazing girlfriend (ask Diego!) but I want to be honest with you, they are not Russian for real. It’s a joke. I swear this is the truth. Don’t get confused by all the kwas talking, by the fear of KBG: they are Italian, they love pizza and beer.

But hey! I have to talk about their music, maybe. Volkov have an easygoing sound, 100% punkrock: if you find yourself listening accidentally to one of their songs, be sure you’ll find yourself humming it. This is what happened to me: I knew their songs even before listening to them in an aware way: recordings from their practice room, accidentally listened at home, were enough to learn all their discography.

What can I say about their live shows? I’d like to talk about their first gig, if only I could say something about it. I was so so excited to finally see them live! The show was in Rome, at Dal Verme, a very special place. But, at the end, I was able to listen only to their last song because I spent all the time they played (15 minutes) in line for a beer -_-

But, surprise, guess what? I had the chance to see them again so, eventually, I can tell you something about their live music: Volkov are a messy band, everything can happen on stage during their shows but you’ll like their true, sincere and spontaneous punkrock attitude. So, point your fingers to the stage and sing along with them, you absolutely will enjoy your time.

And if you know what is (or where is) Planet 13, please let me know. Not even a spy like me succeed to discover this real KGB secret.

Where I got this t-shirt
That goes without saying mabye, but my boyfriend bring me this t-shirt at home as a present. Lucky girl!

Favourite song
Waste another day. This is the story of my life

Where do I find Volkov


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