2016 is finally over, and now what?
What are we looking forward to this year?
As for me, I can’t wait to listen to the new record of the Nothington! It’s called “In the End” and it will be out February 17 after years of silence!

The last time I saw them live or I heard some news about them was 2013 (the year in which that 7inch on my t-shirt was released) so I say that it’s definitely time for some fresh tunes! 🙂

Anyway their old songs are great and I’ve been listening to them a lot lately.
They give me lots of food for thought: a little bit of melancholy (disgust? xD) about the year that is going away (The Bottom Line) but also a little bit of reflection about the new one that is here already (Where Is This Going?).
If you feel the same way during this time of the year I bet you would enjoy their records a lot.

Where I got this T-shirt

I bought this t-shirt after their show in Zurich in 2013.
2 of my friends and I took a last minute road trip to Switzerland and we ended up in a very small and very crowded venue; the atmosphere there was definitely special.
They are actually coming back to Europe in February but there are no scheduled shows in Italy: road trip? Anyone?

Favorite Song

My favorite song is “St. Andrews Hall” because when my friends and I visited Chicago a couple of years ago its lyric became meaningful to us and we sang at the top of our lungs:

Oh tomorrooooow
Oh Chicaaaaago
Let me leaaaaave
Let me gooooooo

Where do I find The Nothington
Official Website


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