Patsy’s Rats

patsy's rats tshirt

This is what I want for my 2017: a lot of fun, a lot of people in my life, a lot of everything that make me feel super alive. That’s why I chose Patsy’s Rats for my first post of the year. This band have the power to awake my senses ad my soul, they make me wanna dance all around the kitchen singing out loud every verse and chorus of their songs.

Maybe I like so much Patsy’s Rats because of their nostalgic sound. I smell something from the ’70, a pinch of pop and handful of punkrock: if you like the genre, Patsy’s Rats will surely meet your expectations.

And, least but not last, this year I want to see them live: I won’t miss them again! Last summer I was chatting about Patsy’s Rats with one friend of mine, groaning and complaining about the same old question: why they (and many other bands) never manage to Italy for a live show? He, with a very serious face, said: “they played here a few months ago”. WHAT? WHERE WAS I? WHY I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE SHOW? WHY, WHY I MISSED IT? WTF?!

I will never find an answer for these questions but now I know something for sure: I will never miss them again. So, Patsy’s Rats, fly again here, at least in Europe: I will fly to you, I promise.

Where I got this t-shirt
Well, this is something already happened in the past. This is the same story of x-ray spex tshirt t-shirt: PMS and compulsive online shopping.

Favorite song
Let’s stay up all night: my mission for 2017

Where do I find Patsy’s Rats


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