nirvana thsirt

It happened. Like billion other people in the world, I got the flu. I’m stuck in my house, groaning between the sofa and my bed, since Friday. My brain is full of snot and every time I breathe I feel a death rattle in my lungs. Maybe it’s the reason why I became so nostalgic in the last couple of days.

Now that I am a full grown woman (really am I?) and I’m lying and dying on my couch (I’m a drama queen), my thoughts go to the weird mustached mini-me in late middle school. At that time, in the loneliness of my room, I spent my days singing “Quit playing games with my heart” trying to learn all Backstreet Boys’ choreographies. But I knew something was wrong, I didn’t feel pretty comfortable in those clothes, my thoughts were so different from my classmates and I felt alone most of the time.

Then High School started and Nirvana saved my adolescence: I finally had a place in the world, some music who represented me, a self-destructive attitude to follow. I was not mommy’s girl anymore and she barely recognized me in my new outfits made with oversized awful sweaters and broken jeans. Adolescence, what an incredible and disgusting period of life, don’t you think?

And what followed, it’s just history.

Where I got Nirvana T-Shirt

This t-shirt is ugly, I know. It’s almost 20 years old, and now it’s one of my best pajamas: it’s always comforting to sleep with your roots. Ask my boyfriend, forced to sleep with my and my bear puppy! Going back to the tee, I think (but I’m not sure) I bought this t-shirt during one of my first lonely explorations of the city of Milan. I think this has been my first “trophy” ever.

Nirvana: favorite song

I loved every single Nirvana song with all my heart and my lungs. It’s impossible to choose one of it. Here we are with a random song!


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