Red City Radio

red city radio tshirt

I know, that’s not me. But this year I feel stronger and more hopeful than ever. And when I think about hope, Red City Radio come to me. Because hope was exactly the feeling I perceived the first time I listened to one of their songs. You know, it was one of that nights. Home alone, I was feeling nothing but loneliness, emptiness and sadness: everything was wrong and painful to me. Then I noticed a song on my Facebook stream, I clicked on it and, wow, I was speechless. It was a Red City Radio Song: their music had just touched my heart and it was such a relief that I can remember the feeling even now.

When you find yourself in a hole stop digging
And if you find yourself at the end you can begin again

That song was “Show me on the doll where the music touched you” and, after three years, it is still one of my favorite songs ever.

Where I got Red City Radio t-shirt

I bought this t-shirt in 2014 in Milan: Red City Radio played at LoFi and the show was great. I was not at my best that night: I had just come back from Groezrock (I attended there my first Red City Radio show, actually), where I injured my back during a stage diving throughout Iron Chic show. But, besides pain and my reduced mobility, I could not miss a Red City Radio show in my city!

Red City Radio: favorite song

Well, I think I’ve already revealed which it is, right? 😀

Where do you find Red City Radio



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