Crossbone Fest

crossbone fest tshirt2017 will be different without you, my beloved Crossbone Fest. You were my Belgian spring break, you gave me a lot of fun and drunkness with my punk rock family from all over Europe. You were 100% amazing and you will be missed.

I’m nostalgic, and this is the reason why I chose to wear this t-shirt today. I just wanna remember the good times, hoping to be back to Belgium for some other explosive gig, as Crossbone used to be.

But I have to admit it: it wasn’t easy for me and my friends to reach Crossbone Fest the last couple of years. We are (even now) totally cursed with air strikes: indeed, I reached my first Crossbone by car (from Italy!!!) and even if I was exhausted by the long trip I totally enjoyed myself.

If you don’t know what Crossbone was, that’s some clues for you: live music in 3 (or 4?) different stages, cheap beer and a huge amount of punk lovers from different countries celebrating their passion, even during an amazing afternoon pool party!

And when the party is over, when you look at your shoes destroyed in the pit, when you are safe at home and you look back at your just concluded weekend, you can realise how amazing places like Crossbone Fest are. A place where you can find old friends and make new ones, where you can share your passion, make new connections and discover music and bands you didn’t know anything about. A place where you can be finally yourself.

May I make a confession: I have a left over from my drink buttons. May you send my a Belgian beer please?

Where do I find more info?
Well, Crossbone Fest is dead but its soul it’s alive: you just have to check the facebook page to be updated about more gigs!

Now it’s time for some music: I will introduce you our Crossbone Fest Heroes, The Priceduifkes! This is a setĀ from last year (2016)

And Mean Jeans, from Crossbone Fest 2015!


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