Crusades t-shirt

They are gloomy in their magnificent shining. Their mesmerising sound forced my ears to listen, fascinating my mind, enchanting my soul. It has been a total surprise, full of awesomeness. Crusades kidnapped my heart till the first time I saw them. I was in Gainesville for Fest 14, my schedule was empty and a friend of mine suggest me to see their show. I didn’t know the band so far and yes, I totally fell in love with their songs and their attitude on stage.

Love at first sight is trembling, it is a vibrant echo from feeling butterflies fluttering in your stomach. It’s like a violent punch in your face, it’s like an unexpected caress. Love at first sight has the power to give you discomfort and, at the same time, the chance to dream in the quivering ocean of maybes, donating you a peaceful and painful quiet.

And I think Crusades are the same: they are a magnificent oxymoron. Their music can sweep you off your feet and cover the surface of your mind with a thick curtain of darkness but, eventually, when you get used to it, you will feel finally safe, tasting beauty and grandeur.

Where I got this t-shirt

I got this t-shirt a couple of days ago during Obenuse Fest 3 in Zurich, where Crusades played a killer show. Thanks, Crusades: you gave me an extra boost to face my work days!

Photo by Stefano Bevilacqua
Crusades @ Obenuse Fest – Photo by Stefano Bevilacqua

Favourite song

It’s very hard to me to choose just one song. But, since Crusades just released their new record, I will choose a song from it. I think that in “1657 (black curtains draw)” you will find a summa of what I tried to describe some lines ago. It’s beautiful. Enjoy!

Where do I find Crusades



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