Munster Raving Loony Party

munster loony raving party

About ten days ago I returned from Spain after attending what I think to be, no doubt, the greatest party of recent times: Munster Raving Loony Party ! It was all concerts (fucking awesome concerts), beer (fucking awesome cheap beer), moody weather, amazing insane acution sale and crazy new friends.

Everything takes place in a small campsite in Spain, where the most extravagant people in Europe (and not only) gather and kick off this wonderful festival, which has seen on stage and dj sets among others a lot of female characters. I reconfirmed my love for The Devils, I discovered an all girls band of totally crazy spanish girls, Las Jennys de Arroyoculebro and I saw the Ohnos, also all night dancing with all girls dj set!

Honorable mention: Frank Castro’s crazy insane trashy auction with his incredible talent of selling unnecessary things, disgusting stuff, beautiful things and putting in the middle of it all a veiled social denunciation.

There is still a lot to say: the Monsters are undoubtedly one of the most greatest bands ever seen, the Fuzztones reign on stage, Dead Elvis who conquered and enchanted a little child with his music .. but telling everything would take very long, so next year come yourself and see with your eyes!

Here I put my very few pictures, but If you want to see more, go here and go with the HD experience 😀 !

Where I got this t-shirt

Obviously, I got it there! Unluckily, when I got mine there where only L and XL left, so with my usual poor sewing tecniques will do what can we do.

Favourite song

Since many bands played, can’t pick one, but I put here one of the Monsters song because they enchanted me.

Where do I find Munster Raving Loony Party

At Camping Arc de Bera



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