Thank you, Descendents


What will it be like when I get old? Descendents wrote this sentence in 1996, 21 years ago. They still kick ass on stage and they proved it last night in Milan, during the last show of their European tour. I know, this is the second post about Descendents on Titsforpunk but, you will agree with me, they deserve a lot of amazing words. I am just a silly girl in love with a band. And I don’t wanna grow up, maybe. But, you know, I don’t want to be like other adults, cause they’ve already died, cool and condescending, fossilized. I think I could go on writing all this post using Descendents’ words because every their song is perfect for every moment of my life. Because when I am sick-o-me and everything sucks, or when I’m in love, Descendents will have the right song and words for my day.

And I know that people who are not into punk can not understand it. And I know that these people think that I’m a loser sometimes. I admit it: sometimes, I thought it must be pretty cool to be you. Because I have been isolated my whole life counting scars in the land of the smiling knives. But I feel so lucky nowadays, so extremely lucky, and I don’t wanna be like you: because even if talking about our life, it seems like we never get it, actually music, punk rock (and Descedents above all) made a big family of all us. And you know who you are, because the same passion and the same feelings put us together in something beautiful. And I wish one more day like (the day before) yesterday. Because hey, everything’sĀ gonna be okay. This is our family, and it will always be this way, beyond the music.

Descendents, what more can I say? Thank you for playing the way you play.

Tattoo by Nad Savarino
Tattoo by Nad Savarino

Favourite song
Despite I have a “Nothing with you” tattoo, my favourite song is “Hope”. I love it so much, i can listenĀ to it a million time without getting tired of it. Enjoy!

Where do I find Descendents

One thought on “Thank you, Descendents

  1. spot on! maybe it’s pathetic (sometimes) but the cool thing about punk, about the descendents. you can admit, that you’re a loser (at least to society) and that’s still better than fitting in. thx for your words!


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