The Apers


Today I was thinking about one of my favourite European bands: The Apers! It is impossible not to worship them, every song reflects perfectly as I feel at all times. For example, who has never thought: “Friday night killed Saturday fun” while was in the huts after a drinking night?  The first Apers song I listened to is “It’s OK to hate me”.  And it was a revelation: I said “They are fucking right!” and I feel like the first time you make friends with someone destined to become a long-term friend.

Then, growing up, I went to see them live whenever I could (Belgium, Italy, no matter where, I have to see the Apers!!). And my love for them has grown more and more. Every show they did, I just screamed their songs elbowing in the crowd. I remember all the times that I had lost my voice fiercely.

I remember when “Confetti on the floor” came out, in 2014, I listened to it just once and then I proudly declared: “This is my favourite record of the year”. Every song is stuck in my head. “Jamie Olivier” for all the times I’ve sweared cooking. “Global holocaust” is my mood towards humanity! And then “Totally barzotto for you” is so funny, and “Always hate work”, c’mon guys, that’s right, I fuckin’ hate to work. One of my favorites, even if it is a cover, it’s “Eve of destruction” because it reminds me of my far far away hometown. Now I just have to wait to see them at Punk Rock Raduno to lose my voice again!

Where I got this s-shirt

To make it short, I do not remember it. Maybe I bought it online, maybe at one of their many shows, maybe it’s a gift, I do not really know.

Favourite song

It is impossible to choose only one favourite song. Since I’m a bit sad today and I feel growing old and older every day, I go with the young adults anthem:

Where do I find The Apers





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