2017-07-30 19.04.22

It’s Sunday morning, the temperature in my small sad apartment in Milan is almost 30 degrees and my weird southern body loves it.
I’m lying in bed with my unicorn t-shirt and green shorts while most of the people that I know are posting pictures of beautiful beaches and summer adventures.
But I don’t mind because my brand new Travoltas LP is spinning and spinning and my mind is dreaming and dreaming:

Waves are rolling in again
summer breeze, it’s been too long, my friend
feel the sun
ain’t that enough?

Rays of gold kiss the silver sea
close your eyes, can you hear the breeze
play the wind chimes
ain’t that enough?

If you like The Beach Boys and The Ramones I’m sure you would enjoy the sound of this pop punk band too! I, for one, I’ve lived over half of my life near the seaside and summer is the only season in which I feel alive so it’s comforting to know that wherever I am the songs of this dutch band can virtually bring me on a tropical island sipping margaritas under a palm tree.
I don’t live in the Netherlands but Milan is not a sunny place either so the need to escape from the cold and depressing atmosphere of metropolitan cities is a feeling I can totally understand and relate to.
Thank you Travoltas because especially during the winter I can pray for the sun with you.

Where I got Travoltas t-shirt

I got this t-shirt at Punk Rock Raduno Vol 2 (italian punk rock festival) a few weeks ago.
It was the first time I saw this band live and I had a total blast.
They even made an acoustic show on Saturday morning and that was definitely the most touching post-awakening hangover I’ve ever experienced :’)

Favorite song

Hey! I’ve got a great plan
We’ll drive in my van
We’re heading down south
Where the summer’s still around
Feel the ocean breeze
We will dance all night

Where do I find The Travoltas




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