Zachary t-shirt

Few bands hit me at first listen, but when they do I go with hard fangirling. This happened with Zachary, a newly born band from Romagna.

Although we are neighbors, in fact I come from Romagna too, I never had the pleasure to see them live since yesterday. My expectations were not disappointed. They opened for Teenage Bottlerocket in Bologna, in a very small place with like 80 degrees inside, but I didn’t give up and stayed under the stage singing with sweat even in my eyes.

I remember I discovered them on Facebook, and I really usually do not listen what is on my news feed, but I was hit by the photo cover. Based on that, I imagined the could do that kind of punk rock that I like, and it is exactly like that: fast punk rock, lyrics good for a fingerpointing singalong, scratchy voice. I do not know how it can not be considered a good recipe for a band! Plus, their yesterday concert is not the only one amazing thing that happened to me. I also did my first stage diving ever!

Where I got this t-shirt

Yesterday, at the Teenage Bottlerocket concert that they opened. This, mixed with the fact that I (as I said) did the first stage diving yestarday, makes this t-shirt one of my favourites. Plus, it is a very lightweight shirt, ideal for this hot summer heat.

Favorite song

The first love you never forget, they say. And it is true, so I’ll go with “Walking Through the Future with Broken Shoes“. They have also a music video version shooted in London, but as I said I was hit by the photo, so I’ll go with that. Please, take a moment to appreciate Zachary!

Where do I find Zachary

In Romagna





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