The Young Rochelles

The young rochelles tshirt

My last trip in New York was super awesome. I had a (gluten free) pizza at Vinnie’s, I sunbathed at Rockaway Beach, I took a photo at Joey Ramone’s Murales (it was removed the day after!!!), I got drunk, I read a book in Central Park and, above all, I discovered The Young Rochelles.

I knew the band only by name and they were on the list of my future listening. But I was so lucky to see them live before listening to them on record. What can I say? They took my heart! Just a song and I turned into mush. I always like when a band exceeds all my expectations, and The Young Rochelles had the power to climb the charts of my favorite bands!

The Young Rochelle play a catchy, fast and fun pop-punk: their songs are short and you don’t have the time to take a breath from the one you are listening to, that the second one takes all your attention. I love them and you should love them too!

Where I got The Young Rochelles t-shirt

At Muchmore’s in Brooklyn: it was a super rad night! That night were also playing The Capitalist Kids, Sketchy and Erotic Novels and I had SO MUCH fun! I was at the show alone and everyone was super welcoming and friendly: I won’t be never tired to tell everyone how much I love my small punk rock world. No matter how far you are from home, with punk rock you will always find friends! And, about this rad night, I wanna give extra points to The Young Rochelles, standing in their leather jackets in August. In New York!

The Young Rochelles: my favourite song

“Not any use”, without any doubt. It is fast and super catchy. I am sure you will love it!

Where do I find The Young Rochelles?



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