The Capitalist Kids

The Capitalist Kids Tshirt

Our music is a lot better than it sounds“. Can you feel the power of this sentence? You can find it on The Capitalist Kids Bandcamp page. It is a sublime sentence. From the Latin “Sublimis” (sub – Under + Limen – Limit) this word literally means “what is really near to the limit“. It’s a sentence full of literary references: it’s just like when you scratch the surface of something dirty and you discover something beautiful. Well, this is what Capitalist Kids music means to me. They are a beautiful oxymoron, and the people close to me know how much I love this rhetorical figure. So it is impossible to me not to be fascinated by their music.

Their sound is super catchy, ranging from pop punk to the old fashioned rock and roll, their lyrics can be intimate and full of (sometimes hopeless) romanticism but, also, they can lead you in the land of social commitment. In short, The Capitalist Kids are a universe to discover: let you guide by the super nice vocals and by the melodic line of their songs and.. Bon voyage!

Where I got Capitalist Kids this t-shirt

At Muchmore’s in New York. I spoke about this rad night also on The Young Rochelles post on Titsforpunk. I really enjoyed myself that night: Capitalist Kids show was awesome! I was alone at the show, but Jeff and the entire band were super welcoming and friendly! Moreover, I found gluten free beers, got drunk and made new friends: could I ask for more? I had SO MUCH fun!

The Capitalist Kids: favorite song

This is very difficult to me: choosing just one song it is not possible. I like multiple songs from multiple records. So I will choose a song from their last record “Brand Damage”. Enjoy!

Where do I find Capitalist Kids



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