The Fest, my summer in october

The Fest - Tank Top

Almost a month ago I was packing few clothes to fly from my Italian autumn to my summer in October. I was leaving a grey sky to reach the summer breeze, I was leaving behind all my worries to find punk rock, margaritas and friends. My final destination? The Fest, of course.

And it almost hurts, speaking now about Fest. Because I am back home, to my work and to all my routine bullshit. But hey, we are here to remember good times, not to cry over spilt milk!

So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about The Fest! In a nutshell, Fest (including Pre-Fest) is 5 days of punk rock music, 5 days of discovering, 5 of a neverending party. You can meet people from all over the world and listen to all your favourite bands, BACK TO BACK! Yes, it’s AWESOME!

Fest 16 has been my 4th Fest, and one of my punk rock dreams came true: an Against Me! show in Gainesville (and in Ybor City too). I admit it: I cried during both shows and, at the end of the show at the Orpheum (first day of pre-fest) my friend Suzie found this pin.

Crazy britney spears pin

Destiny spoke for us: we were done, we were nuts, we were full of happiness, everything was fine and everything would have been SUPER great.

Eat, sleep, fest, repeat

Eat, sleep, fest, repeat: this is the mantra of Fest and, believe me, that’s the truth. In short, this is exactly what you will do after your fest wristlet will be on. Because this is not a regular music festival, it is a way lot more. But, really, it’s not easy to explain, maybe you just have to live it to understand what I am talking about. And I could write pages and pages about The Fest, and it would not be enough.

So the best thing you can do is to book a flight, pack few clothes, point your finger and… Sing along with a PBR – Or a margarita in my case – in your free hand!


Where Do I find The Fest
In Gainesville, Florida



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