Mean Jeans

Mean Jeans

The Mean Jeans have recently announced their new LP “Jingles Collection”: it will be out February 16 on Fat Wreck Chords!!!
So basically they are a jingle band now. Do you feel upset about it? Offended maybe?
Personally, I’m so fucking jealous!!
I’ve heard and read some controversy about this endorsement/selling out idea so now I want to share my opinion: I support them 100%.
They are clearly having so much fun and I just wish I could play an instrument too and write 1000 jingles about all the brands and the products that I love hoping to be covered with pizza, cereal, and Desperados for the rest of 2018.
By the way, if anybody from the Mean Jeans read this, I have 2 jingle requests:

  1. Desperados, the best tequila flavored beer in the world.
  2. Cap’n Crunch cereal, the legal sugary drug that makes the kids, the stoners and me go around.

Anywaaaaay, now the real question is: are we gonna miss their brilliant tunes about partying and going nuts? Of course, but as long as they promise that they are still gonna play them at shows while throwing sodas and pieces of pizzas and making funny faces, I’m totally ok with it!
Finally, since this is our second post about the Mean Jeans and we are totally endorsing this band and their new record, don’t you think that we deserve a Mean Jeans merch supply? Just saying.. 😉

Where I got The Mean Jeans t-shirt

I got this t-shirt at FEST 16!
After a 10-minutes complain about

  1. not having girl size t-shirts
  2. not having the black and green shirt that I wanted for so long

I bought this one and I have to say that it doesn’t look that bad 🙂

Favorite song

It’s impossible to choose only one song here but since we are all about endorsements and stuff, I will share one of their first songs that I’ve ever listened to because I uploaded into my youtube channel probably 2 minutes after that first listen in 2012! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Where do I find The Mean Jeans



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