Attic Salt

Attic Salt T-Shirt

Hey guys, I am starving. Maybe it’s this sunny day, maybe I miss Attic Salt. Are you coming to Italy soon, aren’t you? I promise I will sing along with you next time. The last time (and the only one) I saw Attic Salt was at Fest 16: it was my first show in the first day of Fest and I was still a little bit rusty, trying to reach my perfect balance between music, shows, friends and margaritas. That’s why I need another Attic Salt show, soon! I want to make up for lost time and add fuel to my rusted enthusiasm.

But, cut to the chase, it’s time to talk about the band and not about my mood. What can I say? If I had to make a top ten of my favourite 2017 records, Attic Salt’s Self Titled album would be totally included in it. You know, it is not so easy to find cool music nowadays: everything sounds like a copy of a copy of an imitation. And Attic Salt is true and authentic: this band is different and took a big part of my heart.

Their music smells like spring and it is the perfect soundtrack for these early warm Italian days. This band remembers me of teenagehood and their record would have been perfect on my walkman during those days. How could I possibly live without them in my teens days?

Lyrics can be melancholic, grotesque, and hopeful at the same time; melodies and harmonies fit perfectly with the vocal line. In short? This band plays a cerebral but catchy pop-punk that winks to the kind of indie rock I like.

Where I got Attic Salt t-shirt

As you can imagine, I bought this t-shirt at Fest. Then I started drinking margaritas, so it’s a miracle I did not lose the tee along the way!

Attic Salt: my favourite song

It’s really hard to choose just one song. I really like to listen to their record back to back. So, maybe it’s just better to start with the first song, Enjoy!

Where do I find Attic Salt?



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