It’s time for some Italian pride on Titsforpunk. Because her music is AWESOME: just a voice and an acoustic guitar and the magic happen. Tunonna isn’t just an ordinary songwriter, because with her music (and in every single song) she’s able to paint a beautiful and super cute story. Not without reason, she’s also an illustrator.

Maybe this is something difficult to understand for people who don’t speak Italian. That’s why I am going to use bullet points to explain what usually happens in your mind when you listen to her songs for the very first time.

  • Oh wow, I really love these melodies
  • I totally love her voice
  • Hey, wait! What the hell she’s talking about?
  • This is AMAZING!

It’s a grotesque fairy tale. It’s the everyday life in music. Tunonna sings about weird characters, it’s like a theatre of the absurd, it’s like an easy going beer talk and you will totally like the atmosphere you can find in her song, I am sure.

Her first record is super cool, and her live shows are even better. Because she rearranges old popular Italian songs in her way: you will find yourself singing along with her, instantly.

Where did I buy Tunonna T-Shirt?

I bought this t-shirt at Ciclofficina Pontegiallo, in Milan. That night was in the middle of the Milan Design Week, a real nightmare! After a lot of spritzs, I found my Friday night peace there. It was Frana’s release party and Tunonna’s show was the last of the night. A fun and delightful way to end my working week!

Tunonna: my favourite song

I really like every song of Tunonna’s first release (“Buono”) but I feel a strong inclination for “A caccia di Peroni”. Enjoy!

Where do I find her?



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