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Laser Geyser t-shirt

I was ready to write about Forty Winks, Bologna’s local heroes, but Robbi, their bass player, suggested to me to say something about Laser Geyser instead, another cult band of the city, which he joined in 2015. He told me about their brand new t-shirt and I couldn’t resist!

So here we go: the band formed in 2006 and featured JJ (vocals+drums), Cangio (vocals+guitar) and “Ratigher”, already a bassist from another band named Laghetto. Ratigher left the band after the first demo and Laser Geyser stayed a duo until the arrival of Robbi (vocals+bass), who spiced up their post-punk with a bit of 90’s punk-rock by spitting on the stage.

Laser Geyser members consider themselves as “Hot Snakes hanging out with the Replacements and Weezer”. Cool, ain’t it? Plus, they always wear the best band t-shirts at their shows!

Laser Geyser released four seven inches records and two CDs, but their upcoming LP, “Sons of lightning”, will be the first with the new line up.

I listened to their new songs a couple of months ago at Covo Club and “Jane Wayne”, the catchy track 1, is stuck in my head since then.

This powerful trio will play live again on May 18th at Freakout Club for their release party and you should definitely go! As I can remember, my first time at one of their show was filled with laughs, friends, beers, purple lights and summer heat. They immediately conquered my heart.

When I listen to their songs it’s impossible for me to stay still, so that’s why their records are perfect for cleaning the house and reorganize the wardrobe! But it’s under the “Portici” of Bologna, with my headphones on, that the real magic happens.

Where I got Laser Geyser t-shirt

From Robbi of course – just like all the other Forty Winks/Laser Geyser t-shirts and stickers he brought me! If you want to get this tee I’ll be at the merch table with Altalena Fanzine crew on May 18th selling our special edition number dedicated to this epic band and guests! Come say hi, don’t miss it!

Laser Geyser: my favourite song

They totally had me at “Born in ‘69 again” from “The great white summer”


Where do I find Laser Geyser?



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