Are you in your thirties and hopeless? Have you ever feel out of place even in your comfort zone? Does it make you feel weird and too old for that shit? If the answer is YES, then you’re probably ready for MENAGRAMO.

It’s a two piece bnd, based in the north of Milan (Brianza) formed by Wally (ex Mannaja) on guitar, vocals and harmonica and Enri (Teenage Gluesniffers/McBain) on washboard – yeah, it’s actually an instrument – and backing vocals.

As the name suggest (MENAGRAMO=Jinx), they mostly talk about life and regrets, and how everything could possibly get worst even if you try your best. No matter what, unpleasent stuff are just around the corner in your happiest moments. Moreover, is the name is a quote from one of the evergreen movies starring Fantozzi, a very popular character from italian comedy, who knows best what the word “disgrace” is all about.

The project is totally DIY, they design their layouts and print their own t-shirts, they book shows by themselves all over Europe and they record their songs in Wally’s bedroom.

I like them because they’re not perfect. It feels like I can totally relate to what they try to tell through their music and lyrics in every aspect of my life (job, love, attitude, dealing with relashionships and death) and I’m totally into rough voice and raw sounds!

Where did I buy MENAGRAMO T-Shirt?

I didn’t! Being married to one of them, gave me the chance to get one straight out of the screen printing lab, but you can easily find them at shows.

MENAGRAMO: my favourite song.

Gotta say “Heimlich Maneuver”, the first song someone ever dedicated to me. It talks about how love is not always oppressive and if you can find someone who really care about you and love you for what you are, you should not let him/her go. Enjoy!

Where do I find them?




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