Motel Transylvania

Motel Transylvania

This summer I went to a show, and I discovered a new band: Motel Transylvania. They immediately became my favorite band of the night, the exact moment they started playing.

Motel Transylvania is a Rock’n’Roll / Horrorbilly band based in Savona (Italy). My teen soul (that loved so much the Nekromantix and the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 and early-Murderdolls) awakened in me. Seeing them, ghoulish pale skin and black and fluo-green colors dressed, the comparison was soo clear to me!

In their setlist, in addition to their own songs, you can find two covers of Misfits and a cover (that I was pleasantly amazed to hear) of Gozzilla e Le Tre Bambine Con i Baffi. They’re total weirdos, plus I love their aesthetics, that I will summarize with this photo I took during their live show:

live concert

During the whole show, I felt like a kid in a (weird, ghoulish, rock’n’roll) carnival. After watching  them live for the first time I exclaimed: “I love them, I want to follow them throughout the whole tour!”

I could vanish in several compliments, but what I truly recommend is: if you see that they are playing in your city, run to see them!

Where I got Motel Transylvania’s T-Shirt

I got this T-shirt the first time I watch them live: my boyfriend took me this tee as a gift, after seeing me happily jumping all around and insanely fingerpointing, during the whole show!

Motel Transylvania: my favorite song

Without any doubt: Motel Transylvania!-

Where do I find them?

On Facebook!
Archetype Savona
Undead Artists bandcamp



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