Low Standards, High Fives

Low Standards, High Fives

Low Standards High Fives‘ last record “Are we doing the best we can”, out with the British Engineers Records, could be considered, following my personal taste, a very well combined mix between shoegaze, dreampop and that early 2000’s melancholic punk rock we love so much (finally!).

I had the chance to listen to their sound and catch their unique vibes thanks to NoReason Records at Eterotopia (Milan, Italy) on October the 5th, who brought them to my thriving ears alongside with the Canadian punk rock modern heroes The Penske File and the Italian BreakMatt FastGyver.

Low Standards High Fives’ motto could definitely be “experimenting, giving, daring”: with a great attitude, humble heart, warm and wide smiles they conquered my ears and caught my curiosity. Plus, the merch is brilliant. My nostalgic heart is pleased.

Low Standards High fives: my favorite song

I guess the song I like the most is “Distance by Connection”, a very powerful and thrilling thunder of rage, melancholy and nostalgic feelings. Check it out!

Where do you Find Low Standards, High Fives

low standards high fives

They are from Turin (Italy): plan a visit to this city, eat the famous “Pizza al padellino” and enjoy the atmosphere!



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